Manahil International has been in active operation in the Saudi market for many years now, it has been A Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Co. During this time many customers have been served and the company has been able to gain their trust and confidence. It has become one of the reputable names in the business of automotive industry.

In alignment with the 2030 vision, Manahil International has a well laid out Human Resource policy of recruiting and employing the best national talent through a rigorous training and development program that is supervised and managed by our distinct team of professionals across the company’s various functions from operations to marketing to aftersales Solutions – all handled seamlessly at the front desks and back offices alike. The company inherently believes in its focused customer-centric service culture and therefore lays great emphasis in setting the highest standards for the same – easily traceable through its vivid professional spheres across all its business disciplines. All this has reflected positively on Manahil’s reputation and everyday dealings resulting in increased satisfaction of customers and partners equally.

Today, Manahil has become a bankable name, entrusting itself with more transparency, responsibility, planning and continuous hard work to reap in loyal customers and great technological prowess. Manahil as a steadfast business entity sees tremendous potential for the business to expand its network. It is perfectly geared up to contribute enthusiastically to the economic upturn of the Kingdom. Keeping in line with its competitive spirit, Manahil seeks to provide high quality brands and premium cars to the Saudi market – all tailored to local specifications and evolving needs of the customers. 

In future, with a firm focus on developing and consolidating business further, Manahil has plans to market Nissan cars through a network of 100 independent retailer across the Kingdom as well creating specialized department that will provide clients - companies and governmental entities focused after-sales services in the major cities. 


CR: 4030169574
VAT: 300098769700003